The 8.40 Band

'Early 2015, in anticipation to my 40th birthday (June 9th), I had an epiphytical restless moment. I asked myself, if you knew right now that you will not be on this earth anymore tomorrow, what would be the things you know for sure you could have done but still didn’t. One of those things was to publish a poetry book. In december 2016 that dream became reality. Another thing was pursuing a singer/songwriter career. Besides poems I had been writing songs for years. And though I knew I could hold tones and tunes I had never before seriously considered to sing or record them. At this revelatory time of my life, I gathered some talented, gifted young musicians and asked them to join my adventure, to be the carriers of my melodies, the resonance element of my songs, the speakers for my sound. That’s how the band came about. Some members knew each other but most didn’t. So we joined our talents and each other in our vulnerability and jumped into the unknown. One of my biggest pushers/cheerleaders for taking the jump and form the band was Benjamin Martis (original band member, nowadays studying abroad). Eventually we all became one creative family. In the beginning the band consisted of six musicians. As a matter of fact, originally it was called The 6.40 Band: six musicians forming a band accompanying me performing my songs for my guests on my 40th birthday. But with time the band grew to 8 musicians (the largest most ideal) constellation we've had till day. At some point, due to more appearence and performances, the name stuck in people’s mind and with the press. So we stuck with it.'

Crisèn Schorea

Nowadays the band consists of Eduard Reineta, Jurgen Juliana, Anouck Noorden, Tyson & Chrislaine Hill-Maduro and Giomar & Vanessa Cathalina-Chong . Crisèn & her 8.40 Band released her 1st album in december 2018, thanks to the support of Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds Caribisch Gebied, Medical Laboratory Services, Kadanz NV and Orco Bank..


Eduard Reineta (vocals)


Crisèn & The 8.40 Band


Jurgen Juliana (bass guitar)


Tyson Hill (percussion)


Chrislaine Hill-Maduro (vocals)


Vanessa Cathalina-Chong (vocals)


Giomar Cathalina (piano)


Anouck Noorden (small percussion)

"Once a 8.40 Band member, always a 8.40 Band member. So the 8.40 Band has honorary members. Those are members who for different reasons (e.g. studying abroad, work) can't always be available for the band but do reinforce our band whenever they are able to. A great shout goes to Benjamin Martis, Efraim Martina & Gutbèrt Nicasia"

ben 2

Benjamin Martis (guitar)


Gutbèrt Nicasia (vocals)


Efraim Martina (violin)

morde mi kome mi front

Crisen's first album with the 8.40 Band


CD available for fl.25 by Artist (+59995188229)

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