She was born on the 9th of June 1975 (Gemini). It was obvious since very young that she had the need to express in several ways. As she always says, ‘Art & her have always flirted with each other’. For the look of things they have fallen in love with each other.

"I guess you could say i'm a creatively crazy busy bee but never too busy for my loved ones. I love writing, swimming, reading, having conversations and connecting with people but also love quality time with myself every once in a while: I'm an extraverted introvert! I'm crazy about my dogs Ongo, Zahn and Noir and love the tranquility of my home. I am not defined by solely my art but it's undeniably the most important channel for me to express, to reflect, to inspire, to teach, to share. I would love to travel more in the future and if you ever find yourself wondering what present to give me, well a book (preferably in Spanish or English), handmade herbal soaps, douchegels, fruits & veggies, all kinds of tea or whatever reflects that you 'took your time to watch or know what I really want or need', will do!"'



Crisèn grew up in a family of five: Mom, dad and two brothers. She's the middle child and only daughter of a trio of siblings that have all in one way or another been bitten by the artistic bug. Since young her parents made sure to expose expressive, observant, active, talkative and opiniated Crisèn to artistic, social and cultural activities such as danceschool and scouting. As you can see her big and contageous smile has been an unintended trademark since the beginning.


Crisèn's educational career began at A. E. Goiloschool Kleuterschool and A. E.Goiloschool elementary school. After finishing these with flying colors she went on to high school, and got her VWO diploma at Maria Immaculata Lyceum. Bearly having turned 18, she went to the RijksUniversiteit Groningen in Holland, where she mastered in Sociology. Back in Curaçao she volunteered several years at Teatro Luna Blou. As a matter of fact one of her first paid jobs on the island was in 2005, as an actress in a theatrical project by Teatro Paradox, titled 'Den nòmber di Tata' and written by Albert Schoobaar. In 2006 she got hired by Fundashon Kas di Kultura Kòrsou where she has been responsible for the research & information department to present.


Crisèn Schorea is by trade a sociologist and in her heart and soul a writer, singer, actress and admirer of the performing arts. She’s known for her performances in e.g. “Den nòmber di Tata”, “Antigone” (A. Schoobaar), “Na Pechu” (R. Colastica), “Palabra di Polítiko” (J. Heuvel/ M. Birge), “Prevení ta mihó ku kura” (GGZ/ Klínika Capriles), “Entre Ami i Silensio; Revelashon i hende muhé” (Migarda Rafaela/Sheila Payne) and 'Chabelita Superheroe", Flor'i Luna", “Melting pot” & "Speransa" by Fina DanceArt School. She's also participated in of literary projects like 'Dichters in de Bomen', Literaire Tippelzone, Ban Lesa (Kinderboekenweek Curacao) and more. In 2016 she published her first poetry book in Papiamentu titled 'Sinti mi Sinti'. Her first public appearance as a singer was at the MCB Bank 100th anniversary celebration in december 2016. November 2018 she released her first album titled 'Morde mi, Kome mi'.

‘Mi n’ sa loke mi no ke p'e otro sa. Ke men, n’ ta mihó TA
i laga n’e otro pa enbano purba destrosá
loke Universo ya a proklamá?’