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'Morde mi, Kome mi' (Bite me, Eat me) is the first music album by writer, actress, singer, songwriter Crisèn Schorea (1975, Curaçao) .With this album she invites you to try ('morde'/ bite) and experience ('kome'/ eat) her lyrics and music. The album consists of 9 songs in Papiamentu (mother language) performed by her '8.40 Band' in different music genres like tambú, samba, rock balad, hip hop, kizomba, merengue and reggae.

'Ban warda un tiki mas'

'Bo boka na mi bokaaa...', chillin on track # 3 ' Ban warda un tiki mas' (Let's wait a while) of Crisèn's album Morde mi, Kome mi (Bite me, Eat me). Check it out, dushi samba ft. Pernell Saturnino & Hershel Rosario.


Even when coming home just after a gym work-out, dancing on track # 6 of Crisèn's new album "Morde mi, Kome mi" is, as the song title says, INEVITABLE ! and ft. Willem Castillo Blanco Blankenburgh​ on electric guitar.

'Fifty Fifty'

Everything gets better when you share it, especially love. It also takes 2 to tango. So, when it comes to your loved one make sure you give and take as the song "Fifty Fifty " on Crisen's new album "Morde mi Kome mi" says!


CD available for fl.25 by Artist @ +59995188229 & Mensing's Caminada

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